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Welcome to Mahjong in The Hague

The first Mahjongclub in The Hague has become a reality.  A dream of some enthusiasts came true.  With some pride we present to you Mahjongclub Haagse Kringen. ("The Hague Circles").  Since the club was founded we've grown towards one of the largest mahjong clubs in the Netherlands.  At our club we play every week according to the Mahjong Competition Rules variant (no gambling!).

The Circles (Dots, Tubes) were, according to history, the first original suit (colour) of the Mahjong game. The symbolism awarded to the different tiles of the dot/circles suit allow us various choices as to how dots/circles Mahjong symbolism fit to our beautiful city of The Hague. From the "Moon from the Bottom of the Sea", to "Justice", "Hope of Luck and Fortune", as well as "Authority" and "Heroism".   Haagse Kringen also refers to, quarters of people at a governmental level stemming from the The Hague beingthe governmental center of The Netherlands.

Where do we get together? 

Every wednesdayevening we convene at about  19:30 at a nice location ,made available to us by the oldest korfballclub in the Netherlands, HKC ALO.  Their venue is situated in the green, easy to access Bosjes van Pex  (Groves of Pex), with usually ample (free) parking facilities.  The address is Evert Wijtemaweg 6. The venue is centrally situated very near to several nice neighbourhoods like, Segbroek, Loosduinen,  Bloemenbuurt, Vruchtenbuurt, Bohemen/Kijkduin, Vogelwijk, Bomenbuurt, Heesterbuurt, en Houtwijk.


Please use the contact page to request a dedicated two page information sheet about Mahjong in The Hague.

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