There are 81 different scoring elements (aka fan's pinyin: 番) known to MCR, which is short for the Mahjong Competition Rules (aka Chinese Official) worldwide standards.  The standards are described in the MCR Greenbook (pdf format) and outlined here, not only describing them in detail but also with various samples and context.  For your convenience we have several groupings, the first by type, the second by element number (descending), thirdly by score amount, which ever suits you best.


There are three scoring elements that score thirty-two points.

18 All Terminals & Honors (32)

17 Three Kongs (32)

16 Four Shifted Chows (32)

There are three scoring elements that score fourtyeight points.

15 Four Shifted Pungs (48)

14 Quadruple Chow (48)



If you are waiting for that one unique tile that may score extra points.

79 Single Wait (1)

78 Closed Wait (1)

77 Edge Wait (1)


These combinations are special in a sense that the combinations or hands are not formed by regular chow, pung, kong and pair combinations.

43 Chicken Hand (8)

35 Knitted Straight (12)

34 Lesser Honors & Knitted (12)

20 Greater Honors & Knitted (24)

19 Seven Pairs (24)

7 Thirteen Orphans (88)

6 Seven Shifted Pairs (88)

4 Nine Gates (88)