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Seating Scheme

East - South - West - North

After completing 4 games the playing round is finished. Before the start of the next round all four player change seats according to a predetermined scheme. After the four rounds (16 games), all players have rotated their position relative to each other so that each of the players has had each of the other players, seated left, right and opposite.

Most of the MCR enthusiasts know that after completing the East Round (round #1) the players seated at the East and South position change seats with each other and the players seated at West and North change seats with each other.

Fewer people know the easy mnemonic aids for the players initially starting in the West and North seat. If you start in the West position you simply shift one position to the right counter-clockwise. (W-N-E-S), and if you start in the North position you simply shift one position to the left, clock-wise (N-W-S-E).

On our scoring form, we conveniently indicate which player starts at which position in the next round.

Off course, it is important that after 4 games at the start of each new round, the east position is back to the seat where it originally started in the first game of the first round.

Each player starts at one of the four seating positions. Below are four images showing each of the players' table positions in perspective of their starting position for each round. To understand the scheme for a specific starting position, you simply choose your position at game 1 round 1.

NOTE: The numbers correspond to the East ➀, South ➁, West ➂, and North ➃ rounds.

MCR East player - seat changes.png
MCR South player - seat changes.png
MCR West player - seat changes.png
MCR North player - seat changes.png
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